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Western Australia is the powerhouse driving Australia's economy and a proudly export-focused state. Although the State has only 10 per cent of the nation's population, it produces a staggering 46 percent of Australia's total merchandise exports. Over the past 10 years, Western Australia has been the country's fastest growing economy.

The State's economy has grown at a steady 4.4 per cent - a rate that's expected to continue. Perth hosts the regional headquarters for several international companies, such as Rio Tinto, Chevron, AngloGold Ashanti and BHP Billiton.

Key Figures

• Highest per capita gross state product (GSP) at A$93,593, which is 50% higher than the national average
• State economy valued at A$217 billion in 2010-11
• 3.6% unemployment rate in July 2012 - lowest in Australia
• 3.5% growth in real terms in 2010-11, mainly driven by increased business investment, household consumption and mining activity
• Accounted for 16% of the Australian economy in 2010-11, above its 10.4% share of the population
• Contributed 46% of Australia's merchandise exports in 2011 - more than Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria combined
• Value of the state's merchandise exports rose 19% in 2011 to A$121 billion
• Contributed 24% (A$49 billion) of Australia's business investment in 2010-11, which rose 13% from the previous financial year.

The table below illustrates Western Australia's economic growth over a ten year period compared to other states in Australia.

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