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Industry Profile

Western Australia's agriculture and food producers export 74 per cent of their products. In 2010 - 11, agricultural exports were worth A$4.5 billion. Australia is the fourth largest wheat exporting country in the world, with Western Australia being the nation's largest grains exporting state.

Western Australia is a world leader in dryland farming, and now exports this expertise. It is also one of the most pest- and disease-free agricultural production areas in the world. In addition to local market supply Western Australia's close proximity to the Asian and Indian Ocean regions means fresh produce reaches international markets quickly and in excellent condition. The State's southern hemisphere location enables it to take advantage of out-of-season export opportunities to the northern hemisphere.

Fact file

• Value of agriculture exports: A$4.5 billion (15% of total Australian agricultural exports)
• Value of total production: A$6.1 billion (16% of total Australian agricultural production)
• The State has an enviable biosecurity status, free from major animal and plant pests and diseases.
• Australia's southern hemisphere location allows it to take advantage of seasonal export opportunities in the northern hemisphere.
• Local growers are world leaders in sustainable agricultural production.
• In the past five years, there has been a growing interest from international investors in the agribusiness sector.

Investment and Trade Opportunity

The state's agriculture and food businesses are already making major inroads into international markets and have a reputation for quality produce. In 2010-11, agrifood and forestry exports remained strong in challenging global market conditions, reaching a value of A$5.2 billion. The Western Australian agrifood industry exports about 80 per cent of its annual production, which demonstrates the significant contribution the state makes to national rural export earnings: WA accounts for nearly 20 per cent of Australia's total agriculture and food exports to the world. Western Australia's primary industry production sectors include: cereals, meat and animals, horticulture, pulses, pastures and oilseeds, dairy, wool, fisheries and forestry. Genetically modified cotton is grown in the Ord River area. Western Australia is an ideal base for food and beverage companies seeking to produce safe, premium quality food and ingredients for rapidly expanding Asian markets and quality conscious consumers worldwide. The Western Australian Government strongly supports the establishment and expansion of industries targeting export market growth, particularly in the area of agricultural production and value adding through further processing.

The Agrifood Infonet can provide an overview of Western Australia's agrifood industry
· agriculture, food and fisheries production
· exports and trends
· the latest information on Western Australia's main agrifood export markets
· production and market statistics
· agri-industry business contacts

For information on investment opportunities in biotechnology, including genetic modification of crop trials, please visit the Ausbiotech website. The Agribusiness Development project at the Department of Agriculture and Food specialises in attracting investment in the food and fibre industries from national and international companies. AGWEST International works in partnership with government agencies, international funding agencies and organisations in developing countries to provide project management, specialist professional and technical services as well as capacity building and customised training packages as required.

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